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Windows 10 Creator Update may cause issues

Windows 10 Anniversary screen grab

The Windows 10 Creator Update has arrived.

It’s been rolling out slowly for quite some time now, but we have noticed that there is a big push among our clients PC’s in the last couple weeks.

Now that is fine – for city people/town who might be lucky enough to have fast connections and big download accounts! Unfortunately, we at Web South have seen with customer systems and experienced it ourselves that Microsoft has not catered very well for those people living in the country on limited services.

Symptoms vary from internet connections becoming extremely slow, to the computer going slow – with varying things like the system virtually coming to a halt, the mouse playing up, key presses not showing up for 30 seconds, file saves taking minutes instead of seconds etc. Boy! It really makes the computer feel like it has been hit with a virus (or similar), and I can say until you work out what is going on – it can be a very nervous time.

There is little you can do to solve the issue once the update starts, until the updates are downloaded fully and installed, other than be very patient (or in our case – move to another computer and keep working). Not everyone has this luxury! Oh! and you are better off walking away from the computer, and leave it do its thing. (keep checking because at some stage it will want to restart and will need your input.

The Issue for Country Users or Small plans

The issue is of course if you are on a slow connection or a very small  download limit (which is common in our district), 
in that the download may hold up the computer for so long that it never completes. The other thing that can happen is that the download can use up all of your data allowance and on some plans continue to use data. THIS CAN BE VERY EXPENSIVE!

The best we can suggest is to contact us at Web South and we can sort it out for you at a reasonable cost – much less than blowing your download limit and being without your computer for days!

GIVE US A RING ON 088 1200 540 if you are having these sort of issues and can’t wait, or you need other help.

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