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Web South Christmas Times 2018 Announced

Web South Christmas Times 2018

Wow! Christmas is almost upon us, the time has flown very quickly.

One of the jobs we do after the Eudunda Christmas Street Party has finished is work out the times over Christmas that we can have a break, and yet try support our customers, for both computer sales and service and also for website hosting.

So this year we are breaking the time up into shorter breaks but over a slightly longer time so that we can be around at least part of the week – which has ended up seeing us open for a couple days each week.

So if you have an urgent issue, please call, most likely we will be off doing something (maybe even relaxing) –
SO PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE and we will get back to you fairly soon to arrange to help you.

Web South Christmas Times 2018

Web South Christmas Times 2018

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