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Updating WordPress with Atahualpa Theme

WordPress UPDATE with the Atahualpa theme require a few essential things prepared first.

Please check out the document on about this

Updating WordPress – it is a generalized document but very good.

Check the documentation for the WordPress update.

You will find this in your Admin Panel under Dashboard, Updates.
You should see a message like this example below

An updated version of WordPress is available.

You can update to WordPress 3.5.1 automatically or download the package and install it manually:

In this example the update is for version 3.5.1 and if you click on the link (on the one in your admin panel) it will load the information about this update in your default browser. The web page will list various things – take note of any warnings which may affect you.
The web page also has links to other helpful documentation if you are new.


  • We recommend making sure all your plugins are updated prior to the WordPress update.
    WARNING: If you have a plugin such as AskApache Password Protect active which prevents changes to your files – you will need to temporarily disable it while doing these updates (and the same for WordPress). 
  • For safety – make sure you have a child theme (for atahualpa) active
    (or you will lose any code updates/changes to the website).
  • Make a backup of your database. Your WordPress installation should have a plugin named WordPress Database Backup activated and you should be able to go to your Admin Panel in WordPress and access it via Admin panel Tools, Backup.
  •  Make sure you have a BACKUP of any custom graphics in the WordPress Theme.
    (these files are not backed up with the WordPress Database Backup plugin).

    • they should be in the path wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images
      and Header Graphics in
    • wp-content/themes/atahualpa/images/header
    • (We recommend an FTP program such as Filezilla to copy these files from your website.
      It is well worth noting which folders they come from when you store them locally).
    • If you are unsure which are your custom graphics (they are located in a folder full of other graphics) then please ask your web designer (most times this will be Web South) and they should advise you.
    • Make sure you have your FTP pogram set up to access your WordPress website. (You will need access to the cPanel UserName and Password to do this).
  •  Disable Plugins – (Optional)
    You don’t have to do this, but every now and again a plugin hasn’t been updated to work with the latest version of WordPress, and causes a problem after the upgrade. Head to the Manage Plugins page in the Dashboard,
    Take not of any plugins which are NOT Activated (but installed). Changing the “Bulk Actions” pull down menu to “Deactivate” and clicking “Apply”. 
  •  This one is a bit ‘Tricky’. DO you have any plugins loaded which prevent changes to your site? (makes the site much more secure – but if you forget that you have – you will most likely see some kind of error message).
    If so – you will need to disable them for the moment.
    eg AskApache Password Protect 


  • Update WordPress. We find that updating via Update Automatically in your Admin Panel works find (having taken note of any issues at the documentation Check the documentation for the WordPress update.
  • Watch for any messages and respond accordingly.


  • Activate Plugins (if you did the step to Deactivate them).
  • Copy custom graphics and header graphics to thier folders again.
  • Check that all went ok.
  • Enable any security plugins such as AskApache Password Protect.