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Problem with corrupt or no graphics

Graphics corrupted (only part load) and or CAPTCHA image not displaying,

There seems to be a problem with some (only some) computers accessing websites.
Initially we thought it was only from our hosted sites, as there was at the time no reference to the problem with various searches on the net.

We think we have finally been able to pin it down.

The problem: Graphics corrupted or not showing at all. This was concerning as all our web forms use graphics CAPTCHA to confirm a human entering info on the form.

It seems to be happening with computers that have Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installed. (we dont know if it happens with other versions of Kaspersky – it may well be the antivirus product as well. We were able to confirm that by temporarily pausing protection the site behaved fine.

So far the only solutions are to ‘temporarily pausing protection’ – WE SAY THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Upgrade to Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.

As this is a free upgrade we recommend doing this.
Find more information on Web South’s Internet Security Software page about software available.
We recommend upgrading – please dont go away from Kaspersky because of this (It might not be totally thier problem, we don’t know. We do know they are a good security package. 

We also recommend backing up your system before doing something like upgrading your software.

Check out how you could do that with True Image 2013 by Acronis.


If you can’t (for various reasons) upgrade to Kaspersky’s Internet Security 2013 just yet, then follow Kaspersky’s guide on How to configure the protection scope in Kaspersky Internet Security 2012

It will allow images on the websites added to this list to display correctly.

We hope this helps.