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My Computer or Notebook is running slow

Over time you computer (any type) can start to overheat.

This is often due to dust and fluff getting in to critical areas, around the CPU, Video Card and controller chips, which normally generate a lot of heat.

Web South often get computers in which are running slow, and generally suspected of being infected by viruses. Quite often that is the case, but occasionally the main cause has been OVERHEATING.

Most computer systems/subsystems have been designed to check what temperature they are working at. When they detect that they are too hot (for thier nomal operating parameters) – SOME – slow thier operation down to reduce the amount of heat that they produce, in an effort to keep going yet reduce the chance of damage. OTHERS may just keep going until they overheat and fail.


  •  Keep your computer in a clean environment to start with and reduce the risk.
  • Arrange with Web South to have a maintenance service on your computer. We suggest yearly is beneficial and that its best to do it before the weather gets too hot.
  • Listen to your computer – if you hear fans going harder than normal MORE OFTEN then you can suspect there may be an issue. Contact Web South.
  • Check if any fans are working. Sometimes we find they have frozen solid or hardly turning, which doesnt help the cooling process at all. Usually this is from a giant amount of fluff or sometimes the fan has siezed up (bearings not working).
  • If you have a Notebook, Ultrabook or Tablet then you should have a cooling pad / fan. This is especially so for any which have the more powerful CPU’s and graphips cards in them.
  • Of course – VIRUSES/TROJANS often play a big part in things and they can also cause your computer to work much harder and cause problems too. Again Web South can help.