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We have been designing and hosting websites for many years (our first one was in 1998) and over that time have seen major improvements in all aspects of websites.

We love WordPress, and as such we get a chance to try many ‘add-ons’ which are called ‘Plugins’ which make WordPress so flexible and helpful.

The plugins can be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory where at the beginning of February 2014 there are 29,239 listed. Most of the Plugins listed there are free.

There is varying quality when it comes to the plugin itself. Some are Excellent, some are questionable. Sometimes one plugin will affect another or WordPress itself although this is rare and I suggest that each should be evaluated any new one on a test site before ‘going live’.  The same should be true for updates.

There are times where plugins are ‘commercial’ it might be in the form of a ‘FREE’ plugin and then have a “PAID” Pro version with advanced or additional features. It is one way that developers have of staying in business and continuing to support the plugin.

We hope to list a few of these here. They might be paid for (the price varies) but we have found the plugins of great value and are happy to recommend them here.
When you consider that amount of time, effort and skills needed to write even just one plugin they are well worthwhile.


Links on this page are ‘affiliate’ links and Web South will earn income if you make a purchase from using a link here. We thank you for using our Affiliate links.
If you are new to the idea of affiliate links, and want to know more, you are welcome to contact us for more information it can supplement your income and is worth considering adding to your own website.

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