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Internet Security Software

This page is an index for Internet Security Software

A partial list of some of the more well known packages. We encourage you to get one of the well known brands to protect your computer system, and please don’t cut it short and only get Antivirus protection, you do need the more comprehensive packages which are usually labeled ‘Internet Security’ or the likes

Note: If you are local to Eudunda or Kapunda, we are often able to offer a competitive price for Kaspersky (even against the legitimate websites) as we usually keep it in stock. It’s best to contact us before hand to find out what price and availability we have. 

Since January 2014 we have tried to keep a stock of Kaspersky Internet Security in the shop.
We can order the other brand names in – depends on availability – but please don’t be afraid to ask.

  • Kaspersky  (Our Prefered weapon to secure our systems)
  • AVG
  • Bit Defender
  • McAfee
  • Norton Symantec
  • Trend Micro
  • ZoneAlarm
  • There are a few other reliable ones too.

We also recommend MailWasher Pro – for helping you remove spam and virus emails before they get to your inbox.

Pete’s Comment

Over the years the landscape for software and particularly Internet Security software changes.

Many years ago when Peter first started in the PC industry ‘Norton’ was the king of security software (back then it was only really ‘antivirus’ software) its now Symantec.

After that VET (Australian) was very good (later to become CA). It performed well and had a great deal in that if they upgraded to the latest year, you could load it on at no extra cost, you just worked on a yearly subscription. This is generally the model that most follow now.

Internet Security for your PC got much more complicated – no longer was it just ‘Antivirus’ – it became ‘Internet Security’ as the baddies invented new ways to attack your computer. Various companies were able to handle this better than others and some turned your computer into a super slow machine, others didn’t stop the attacks from getting through.

Here at Web South – we have changed the software we ‘recommend’ several times over the years, based on both performance, and price/value.

Currently Kaspersky is the package we use and recommend.

In 2011 and onward the landscape is changing again as many people get mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets and ultrabooks from various manufacturers.

It is essential that you also protect them, as usually they are linked to your home or business PC/Notebook and can create an easy ‘backdoor’ to your personal and business information.

You may find Kaspersky Mobile Security 9 of interest. Give us a call on 088 1200 540.


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