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Phone or Tablet goes flat too quick? Buy a Powerbank

Powerbank - Powerbank Promate 10000ah

What is most frustrating is if you are away from home,
on the move and your phone or tablet goes flat.

Having your phone go flat is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous, especially in emergency situations.
You may have noticed that even when your phone does last a whole day, during certain conditions, this can change and it will go flat quicker.

We have a solution for you!

Add a good quality, high capacity, slim and light “Powerbank” to your mobile device.

For just $44.00
Problem Solved!

It is a great, effective and cheap way to get through your day (and perhaps the weekend away).

Powerbank Promate 10000ah – NEW
Ultra Fast Lithium Polymer Power Bank
Smart Phone & Tablet Charging
Dual USB Port
Micro USB Input
Auto Voltage Regulation
Over Charging Protection
LED Indicators for Battery Status


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