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Massive Global Ransomware Attack, Patch Your Electronic Devices Now.

Ransomware has been around for quite some time, but it made National and International News over the previous week.



What is Ransomware? Very basically – If a banner appears on the screen with a demand that you send a text message to a specified phone number, or phone a support number, it means that your computer is infected with ransom malware. Such malware are created to block access to a computer or restrict access to some functions and request a ransom to restore computer functionality.

If you own electronic devices (and who does not) you should investigate if they have the latest Operating System patches, and if not, you should take steps to update your system(s) ASAP. This latest publicized attack has been aimed at Windows Computers.

Please note that patches have previously come out for Apple Devices – read our post on this here. We suggest keeping all devices updated.

Microsoft no longer gives updates to Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

One point to note is that Microsoft no longer gives updates to Windows XP and Vista operating systems. If you access the internet with a computer and these operating systems you are very much at risk. 

Peter Herriman of Web South,
“Do not let them access your computer, disconnect from the internet immediately. Ask a trusted company to help you, one you have dealt with before or at least someone local that you can trust. 

“If your issue is that you have an older Operating System like Windows XP or Vista, or your computer is just pain slow and cranky you might like this offer. 

“We realize that many are on a budget and have a selection of excellent second hand computers that are an affordable solution to help you continue on, starting at $299. We can help you with things like backing up your data and moving it across to a new computer (even one not purchased with us)”. As well, we do sell new Computers, PC’s, Notebooks, and Tablets, and accessories like backup drives and can help you set them up to do your backups.

“We also have a special price on Kaspersky Internet Security at the moment, with the
Kaspersky Internet Security 2017
2 years and can install on 3 Computers for $49.00

which is a massive saving.

Need help – Call Web South on 088 1200 540 or 0429 811 958

Read more about the latest ransomware attack on the “Stay Smart Online” Australian Government website

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