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Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

Wow! Facebook is now 10 years old and over a billion users. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg  had thought it would be so popular in his wildest dreams when he created the social media phenomenon called Facebook?

Like it – good or bad or a mix of both, it has certainly filtered into much of our lives. I personally am a bit shy of it, especially for the thought of sharing with the world, although I have embraced it mainly to promote our own business ‘Web South’ and also to promote the events we support, such as the Swann Insurance 24 Hour Trial. (in fact when I look at most of my friends on Facebook are associated with Motor Bikes – which is still one of the things I love).

This year we will be working harder at using Facebook in combination with the websites we develop to ‘get the mix right’ as it is becoming quite evident that a good business (or organisation) should be running a combination of both a website and social media. Yes! that’s right,  We have been working with other ‘Social Media’ as well and hope to share some of that experience with you this year too.