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March 2018 – Web South are now using an integrated FAQ system.
Note that at the moment we have only imported the previous items.
New items will be added as needed.

General Setup (1)

If you ever need to test the current speed of your internet connection and perhaps also want to send it to someone (we sometimes request this to help us support you), the following steps are one way of doing so:

  1. Start by clicking the link below or typing it into a web browser of your choice.
  2.  Once you see the window below, click the BEGIN TEST Button.
    Speedtest Main Screen
  3. The test may take a while, once it is done you will see scores for your connection speed appear where the begin test button was originally. Press the SHARE THIS RESULT button as shown below.
    Please Note: The speeds below are given as an example only, the results you receive may vary.
  4. Below the button will appear options for sharing your results, to send your results to someone press the COPY button shown below, paste the link into a new email and send it.

Category: General Setup

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