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March 2018 – Web South are now using an integrated FAQ system.
Note that at the moment we have only imported the previous items.
New items will be added as needed.

cPanel (3)

A new version of the Website Control Panel that Web South Hosting uses has been added.

That is called cPanel. You might notice a new colour of the login dialog box.

Category: cPanel

This message has been on the Web South cPanel admin page for a long time. It may not be relevant now.

One interesting thing has been that some members are now choosing to have different cPanel “themes (Skins)”.
One advantage I have seen from these themes is that I can deliver better news items direct to your cPanel.
Its not a problem for regular X theme members (where this message is going) – I just wanted to let you know there are other themes available.
A word of caution, some features may not be available in other themes (I notice that Fantastico is not shown in the “Light” RVSkins).

Category: cPanel

The website Domain name suddenly stopped redirecting to the subfolder where the WordPress files were.

Helpdesk narrowed it down to a single line in .htaccess

was caused by this line in the .htaccess file located in the public_html/ directory of the cPanel account.

RewriteOptions inherit – Remarking this line to test if its at fault

then try using the domain URL again – refresh the browser – hopefully you will now be forwarded to the subfolder.


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