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Well, I got frustrated one too many times the other day,

I had Local News coming out of my ears and no place to publish them quickly that a good majority of people would get to see.

So I finally used the EudundaNews Facebook page I had started but never had time to use.

EudundaNews on Facebook

EudundaNews on Facebook

To my absolute amazement it had 160 likes within the first day and at the end of 3 days is 198 likes.
It is tantalisingly close to the 200 milestone.

All this has been done without any funding. Mind you! I will admit I have spent more time than I should have setting up articles and posting pictures.

It has been encouraging to have more than several people send me info to post up there.

I believe it does show there is a demand for ‘Local news’ and time will see if this is a good avenue for it.

The proof will be if I can manage to get it to be somewhat less labour intensive, and remain up to date and popular.

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