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Web South doing their part to support the local region release local newsletter.

Web South do a lot to support the region, ranging from hosting and updating many of the local websites, including the major ones such as the Eudunda Web Portal, Southern Goyder Community Calendar, ECBAT, Heritage Gallery, Colin Thiele, Eudunda Golf Club and many more. Plus we try to support the major events etc.

One thing missing from the community sorely needed to help support it has been a truly local newspaper. Well – I can be sure that is unlikely to happen as the economics are just not viable, even the well established ones have to work damn hard to keep going.

To get around this, I have started an electronic newsletter, that people receive in their email in the effort to help keep people informed about upcoming events, news items, both past and current, and also things like grant funding opportunities. It will vary all the time. Introducing the :-

‘Southern Goyder News from ECBAT’

The newsletter will not replace the local newspapers, Leader & Herald and to the North, the Burra Broadcaster (online) and Argus. It’s in the middle somewhere – a bit more casual, shorter articles than expected in a newspaper. It is a “mash-up” taking info from all over the place and putting them together into a news format.

The newsletter will also most times not contain the whole story. Hopefully with enough info to inform you and then it will link to where the story was sources so you can read more if you want to. Sometimes this story will be on one of the websites we host, sometimes not.

The content will generally be based on local events and people. Currently I am including a list of the events from the Southern Goyder Community Calendar to help promote local events and encourage the use of that resource. It has been working quite well – thank you to the contributors so far.

Initially I started the newsletter to enhance the service that the Eudunda Community, Business and Tourism (ECBAT) give to its Business Members. It only took a couple issues before others started asking to receive the newsletter too. It has rapidly changed, including its name to be more suitable.

Feedback has been very positive. I would have to say that I did not expect to be posting weekly (I had thought once a month). So far the amount of news coming my way has actually been more than expected. There have been times I have not been able to include all the stories I had in the release.

It has been my hope to include a lot of the smaller items, the calendar reminders etc. which often don’t get a place in a regular newspaper.

The news is a voluntary effort by myself (Pete) so there will be times it is less in content or things can’t be covered, so the more people can supply to me the quicker I can be and the more interesting the news can be. Remember please – I am doing this to promote the work of ECBAT, whose committee and volunteers do a great job of looking after and improving the region of Southern Goyder and of course Eudunda.

“One of the greatest things that can happen
as we are starting off
is for people to recommend to others
to sign up for the newsletter”.

You can easily recommend that they go to either to the Eudunda Web Portal or the ECBAT website 
You can access the previous issues here

Enjoy, share and participate!

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