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Computer Support

Computer Support

Computer Support varies tremendously! We get all sorts of problems either bought in to the Shop, or over the phone.

We try our best to sort out your problem, be it big or small, and to do so at a reasonable cost to you.

Check if there is an answer in our FAQ
Create a Web South Support Ticket

We will reply as soon as we can, if it requires extra work we will negotiate costs with you.
The Support Ticket system is great as you will be able to keep track of the messages and how things are going.
Got a problem – give it a try?


Usually we will arrange with you to go to this web page, so we can arrange to log in to your system.

Support Policy

Support staff monitor the Ticket System and email 10am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.
Please be patient when posting an issue as staff may not be in the same timezone as you.

Why Wait? Please contact us now.

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