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Prevent a WhatsApp voicemail scam

SCAMS Warning Sign
SCAMS Warning Sign

If you are a ‘WhatsApp’ user, and some of our customers are, please take note of a warning broadcast on the Australian government Website “Stay Smart Online”

Hackers try to take advantage of the fact many people do not change the default PIN code on thier phones voicemail account.

You can read the article at the Stay Smart Online website

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Phone or Tablet goes flat too quick? Buy a Powerbank

Powerbank - Powerbank Promate 10000ah
Powerbank - Powerbank Promate 10000ah

What is most frustrating is if you are away from home, on the move and your phone or tablet goes flat.

Having your phone go flat is not only inconvenient, it can be dangerous, especially in emergency situations. You may have noticed that even when your phone does last a whole day, during certain conditions, this can change

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Massive Global Ransomware Attack, Patch Your Electronic Devices Now.

Ransomware has been around for quite some time, but it made National and International News over the previous week.


What is Ransomware? Very basically – If a banner appears on the screen with a demand that you send a text message to a specified phone number, or phone a support number, it means that

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High Priority Alert – Update Your Apple Products to Keep Secure

Many thanks to the staff at the Australian Governments “Stay Smart Online” – Alert Service for this alert.

Many Apple customers think they are immune from attack, so I hope they take head from the warnings.

When Apple release security updates for what looks like the vast majority of their products they are serious about keeping their products secure

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Back to Work and Virus Warning

Yep! we are back after a short break for Christmas & New Year!

Hope you had a great holiday season.

We are already busy with new websites, which should be released soon.


Be careful everyone, the baddies didn’t stop over Christmas, in fact they most definitely had a ball as everyone dived online to see if

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