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Update Your Thunderbird Email Program

Thunderbird Email Program Logo
Thunderbird Email Program Logo

Thunderbird email users should update thier program as there is a security update for it.

Prevent a WhatsApp voicemail scam

SCAMS Warning Sign
SCAMS Warning Sign

If you are a ‘WhatsApp’ user, and some of our customers are, please take note of a warning broadcast on the Australian government Website “Stay Smart Online”

Hackers try to take advantage of the fact many people do not change the default PIN code on thier phones voicemail account.

You can read the article at the Stay Smart Online website

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FaceTime bug causes issues for iPhone Users

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Apple FaceTime bug allows audio to be transmitted from iPhone without users’ knowledge A fix is reportedly on the way.

on the ABC news website here…

Worldwide hack of MSPs affects Australians too

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has confirmed that a global hack of MSPs affects Australian organisations.

Global attack affects Australian Organisations

MSP’s are managed service providers, and as the article explains, are a prime target as they have access to many varied companies IT through remote login.

Web South are not really in this business model, only

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Web South Christmas Times 2018 Announced

Web South Christmas Times 2018
Web South Christmas Times 2018

Wow! Christmas is almost upon us, the time has flown very quickly.

One of the jobs we do after the Eudunda Christmas Street Party has finished is work out the times over Christmas that we can have a break, and yet try support our customers, for both computer sales and service and also for website hosting.

So this year we

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