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Glass Display Cabinet for sale $90

For Sale - Glass Display Cabinet
For Sale - Glass Display Cabinet

Glass Display Cabinet Reduced to $90

A very nice smaller Glass Display Cabinet which is lockable, so you can display smaller valuable items, yet control access to them, and keep ‘light fingers’ away.

For Sale – Glass Display Cabinet

It is in excellent condition, but note two small blemishes – shown in photos. One

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Worldwide hack of MSPs affects Australians too

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has confirmed that a global hack of MSPs affects Australian organisations.

Global attack affects Australian Organisations

MSP’s are managed service providers, and as the article explains, are a prime target as they have access to many varied companies IT through remote login.

Web South are not really in this business model, only using

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Surviving Windows 10 Update In The Country

Windows 10 Anniversary screen grab
Windows 10 Anniversary screen grab

October/November 2018 sees another Windows Update arrive.

It’s been rolling out slowly for quite some time now, but we have noticed that there is a big push among our clients PC’s in the last couple weeks.

Now that is fine – for city people/town who might be lucky enough to have fast connections and big download accounts!

Unfortunately, at Web

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Sony chases Seller of Jailbroken PS4

Just goes to show that this guys brazen effort will be rewarded negatively,

Read the article on Sophos “Naked Security” website,

Jailbroken PS4 seller sued by Sony

Did you notice the “Padlock” on our website

SSL Certificate shows Padlock
SSL Certificate shows Padlock

Web South has moved this website to a new web host (server) and we are pleased to say that the website is now using a “Security Certificate” SSL.

What does this mean? Peter explained it like this, “The website is now more secure, it is using a security certificate to communicate between the website and your browser. you can see

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