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Web South Christmas Times 2018 Announced

Web South Christmas Times 2018
Web South Christmas Times 2018

Wow! Christmas is almost upon us, the time has flown very quickly.

One of the jobs we do after the Eudunda Christmas Street Party has finished is work out the times over Christmas that we can have a break, and yet try support our customers, for both computer sales and service and also for website hosting.

So this year we

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Web South Hosting safe from ‘Shellshock’ threat

Just letting all Web South hosted customers know that the web host has confirmed that all accounts have been patched and are safe from the very serious ‘Shellshock’ threat.

Shellshock is the media-friendly name for a security bug found in Bash, a command shell program commonly used on Linux and UNIX systems.

The bug is what’s known as a Remote

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Fantastico De Luxe being retired

The once well used Fantastico De Luxe is being retired from cPanel on our servers. I had been aware for quite some time that this software was not being updated as well as its rival ‘Quickinstall’. Please feel comfortable in knowing that Quickinstall is a very capable program. We have been using it for a long time. It has finally

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