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Broadband Solutions

Currently we do not have any Internet Solutions we can sell to you directly, but if you are floundering with what you should choose and what would work where you are, we can help. We do charge for the service, but you will find that we can save you one heck of a lot of messing around and trouble, by getting a service and equipment that will work with our help.

We have had people come to us after months of frustration, pleading for help, and we have been able to get things right for them with some help.

We use and recommend Internode.
This is an Australia Wide Solution – Internode – NodeMobile Data 3G Wireless Broadband

NodeMobile Data is Internode’s 3G wireless mobile broadband solution. It’s an Internode broadband service delivered via the Optus mobile networks, which now cover over 96% of Australia’s population.
Offering the convenience of portable broadband – and reaching places where ADSL is simply not available – NodeMobile Data keeps you connected.

A “City or Town and close surrounds” Solution ADSL Broadband Broadband & Dial up.
ADSL is suitable for business and personal solutions situated close to a city/township with ADSL installed in their exchange. They need to have a telephone line installed and an active phone account (can be most phone providers). There are many variables, such as distance from the exchange, if there is line sharing active etc which can prevent ADSL from working, so you would need to ask. Internode is a great solution, as they have very generous download limits and are “shaped” if you go over.Some of the features are listed here:

  • ADSL & Dialup plans to suit Business or Personal and your needs
  • NodePhone (high quality VOIP)
  • NodeText (SMS)
  • Unmetered  Content
    • Game Servers
    • Download Mirrors
    • Internet Radio
  • Great Plans for Personal or Business
  • Shaping – if do download more that the generous limit you normally get shaped down to a slower speed or you can buy more datablocks
  • Many more features …

NOTE: We are no longer ‘reseller’s’ as the Partner Program has changed, but we still feel that we can recommend Internode to anyone considering them.


A City Solution – Vodafone Wireless Broadband Most people are aware that not all areas in the city are able to get ADSL, and this is a great solution Vodafone have some great plans.

Their coverage is currently pretty much Capital City based.
We are happy to hear that their coverage will expand soon.
We no longer have a direct association with AussieBroadbandAussieBroadband  – High Speed WiMAX Broadband is a Mid North – Mid North/Goyder Solution.
They too have stopped their reseller scheme and market directly

Results in the Eudunda, and out east to Bower region has been very encouraging, with reception holding in areas which were surprised to get any signal.
The area covered in the Mid North – especially in the Eudunda/Robertstown area will vary in success. So far there has been good coverage from Bower in the East, Robertstown in the North and most places between.We recommend that you ring and arrange a test. Call them directly on 1300 880 905.High speed WiMAX broadband is a service that offers comparable performance to ADSL2+ broadband and is fixed to your house or business. Using WiMAX technology your broadband access is delivered over the airwaves and received at the antenna that is installed on your house or business. High speed WiMAX broadband is ideal for customers living in the coverage areas and provides a superior performance to Satellite.
About to get on Broadband: You need Protection!!!
You will definitely need a good antivirus, firewall and anti-spam solution.

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