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Back to Work and Virus Warning

Yep! we are back after a short break for Christmas & New Year!

Hope you had a great holiday season.

We are already busy with new websites, which should be released soon.


Be careful everyone, the baddies didn’t stop over Christmas, in fact they most definitely had a ball as everyone dived online to see if they could get a bargain.

Some people got more than they wanted – and it did cut into our holidays a bit – helping them recover. Never mind – they were all lucky!

This one comes to you as “Tax Agent Report” from the “Australian Taxation Office”     (it’s fake)

The problem is – that the ordinary person often can’t be sure – so they OPEN the email.
The text inside still is not firm on who it might be that sent it (other than the (ATO) )
it directs you to open the ZIP file.
so the unsuspecting person will do that and
BANG – they have already been infected with the attached zip file.

Just be so careful everyone. Don’t open anything you are not sure of.

Stay safe, Keep your Operating System Updated (be that Windows, Mac or Linux – AND TABLETS AND PHONES)
and have a reputable INTERNET SECURITY PACKAGE LOADED AND RUNNING. (for ALL devices)

If you do have trouble – please contact us straight away – don’t leave it go as your details will most likely be stolen.
Everything from your bank details, identity theft and passwords can be at threat, so do not delay.
Call Us! 088 1200 540  or on mobile 0429 811 958

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