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Australian Facebook Users Might Be Funding Overseas Scammers

Facebook has just been forced to shut down a series of pages aimed at Australian users, because they were inappropriately manipulating them with xenophobic content.

I wonder how many people we know have been caught friending and sharing these pages. I have certainly seen many of the images in the ABC article’s screen grab on my wall – not that I have liked or shared them. (I thoroughly dislike them because they are hateful).

I am sad to say I have also seen just about every one of the images shared at different times by a few people I know.

There has been the odd time I have mentioned to the person that I a surprised they would share such hateful stuff. It’s always risky to a friendship doing that, but I often wonder if people really think about the impact – locally, nationally and globally of sharing hate material. Surely they cannot be thinking properly for the impact on loved ones, and thier friends.

I ask everyone – to think “is this post something I would send to my Mum?” before reposting (it used to be a good litmus test, but I am not sure these days – its sometimes the Mum’s and Grandmothers sharing this bad stuff, but hopefully they will in turn look and say – would they share it with “Their” Mother – I bet not!).

Please read this ABC news article about how easy people are being manipulated and funding overseas interests.
Facebook trolls and scammers from Kosovo are manipulating Australian users

Congratulations to our ABC network for uncovering this issue.

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