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About Us

My name is Peter Herriman I am the proprietor of Web South, a family business. The family help support the business, Jenny, Luke & Toby.

Very briefly we do:

  • Computer Sales & Support, New & Used Computers, Monitors, Printers, Modems, Cables, Coolers, Power Supplies, Connectors etc.
  • Virus Removal, Internet Connections.
  • Web Page Design, Solutions & Website Hosting.

I have been supporting business in computing for 30 years,
and we have been Web South for 17 years.

My background has been in programming and I love doing that, but many years ago my boss at the time recognized my skills of working with people and also my ability  to solve hardware and software problems and I was shifted to computer support. Although I do love programming, the demand for support has kept me in this area. 

My eldest son Luke has taken on the role of Programmer.
He has a Diploma of Information Technology in Software Development and is a Microsoft Technology Associate.

We do a balancing act between website hosting and design, Social Media Marketing and the Computer Support and Sales roles.

Jenny supports the shop sales, she also does the accounts, and website editing.

Toby does background support and is strong in supporting games, and has been placed well at state events in some games.

Naturally we are all computer buffs, and each have our own specialities.
As well as all that we are very active in the community, trying to support and promote it in many ways (including with websites).

Contact us to help solve your problem or supply your next computer or other computer related item. 

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