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Win 8 screen - with Web South services

Web South – Call  088 1200 540 or Skype us
Used  HP Intel Core 2 Desktop PC’s, Win 10
Various configurations,
Intel Core 2 Duo, i5, i7
buy ‘Just the Box’ or with TFT Monitors & Peripherals
at very reasonable prices (starting from $150)

Windows 10 October Updates (Build 1809 Update) is rolling out.

For Residents and Small Businesses in Southern Goyder
If you are having trouble with slow connections
or small download limits, or it not completing the install properly
it could ultimately save you time and money
to contact us for help. You can find more info on this here.

  • Surviving Windows 10 Update In The Country 16/11/2018 October/November 2018 sees another Windows Update arrive. It’s been rolling out slowly for quite some time now, but we have noticed that there is a big push among our clients PC’s in the last couple weeks. Now that is fine – for city people/town who might be lucky enough to have fast connections and big download accounts! Unfortunately, at Web South have seen ...
  • Email Security Threat Received by Local Business 16/11/2018 This threat comes via email, It looked pretty legitimate, Subject “Please see the attached” Content only has the letters “FYI” It then had the Sending business signature (or similar) – looks like the real thing. and the email had a PDF Attached WARNING – BE CAUTIOUS. We at Web South only found out about this threat when we received an email from a local business. (we were ...
  • Do you have a webcam – read about this Security Alert 18/10/2018 This news item from Sophos “Naked Security” news feed goes into lots of detail about how many Web Cams have the potential or have been compromised. They estimate millions are at risk. Do you have a Webcam?  (who hasn’t now) It might be a good idea to read the article and work out if you are at risk. This link from the firm ...
  • Sony chases Seller of Jailbroken PS4 14/10/2018 Just goes to show that this guys brazen effort will be rewarded negatively, Read the article on Sophos “Naked Security” website,
  • 50 Million Facebook Accounts Compromised 04/10/2018 Facebook have announced that nearly 50 Million Facebook Accounts have been compromised, and there may be another 40 million they are unsure, may also be affected. You can find some information here – Yahoo Finance The old story of be careful what you click on isn’t any good for this one.    
  • Updated Web South Policies 21/05/2018 Please be advised that Web South has updated some of it’s Policies. You can find them in the footer of this website and also on these links. Privacy Policy Policies & Procedures Website Disclaimer Copyright Statement Please read these documents, if you are unsure of a certain aspect, then we encourage you to inquire.