The Harriman/Herriman Family Tree


This family tree has been researched by my Father, Mr. Frank(lin Murray) Herriman.

I was young when he started it and didn't realise the difficulties that he encountered along the way until many years later. Some of them were that most of the records of birth and death in the early days were kept in the local churches. Many records were lost by burnt churches, making it impossible to get completely accurate records. This meant that dad had to rely on the older generations memories. Many times he found that there were inconstancies and it is my understanding that where he found such he did not publish that information. He has done this so as not to cause further inaccuracies until they can be verified.

Dad was only 2 years old when his Father died and all contact was lost with the Herriman family for many years. All Dad knew was that his Father was one of 6 brothers. He knew they were somewhere interstate. He was in his 50's and 60's before he was able to catch up with his Uncles. some were quite surprised to see him and there were lots of stories to tell.

Dad made many trips around South Australia and one major trip around parts of Eastern Australia in an effort to meet the older members of the Herriman family and also the other sides of our family. He constructed 4 Family Trees at once. After heaps of research he published 3 small booklets on the various relationships.

The other side of our immediate family - Jennifer Herriman (nee Sambell) will one day be here too.

Target Updated Sections
- I thought a feature you may like if you are a regular visitor to this area is to look at just the pages which have been updated. Most of this area should remain static and it will be only on a few occasions that things change, you know, the normal births, marriages, deaths. So here you can move quickly to the pages which have been updated last. I am unsure exactly how I shall handle this as if I go in and update the second time (original, update one, update two) and update two is only one week later people will likely miss update one - which may well have been substantial

As you can imagine - there are heaps more links to put in, so please be patient (I've been planning to do this for the last 5 years). It's been interesting to try and see how I can show the family tree to make it easily understood. Perhaps there are better ways (I haven't been looking for them). Although I have tried to be consistent in my presentation of the families I see it hasn't been perfect (sorry).

If you have any constructive information to add to what we have please - email me.

You will be able to follow my direct family line as my forbearers are all shown with white cells to highlight them.

Warning: Dad has tried very hard to verify all information, if there are any mistakes please let us know. As with all family histories they should be taken as a rough guide only. (Not to mention any typo's I might have added).

Note: The following pages of the Herriman Family, Ziegler Family and Huckauff and 
Kalkutschke Families are Copyright F.M. Herriman, Eudunda, South Australia.

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Last revised: Feb 8, 2010.