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MailWasher Protects You

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I can say that one of the programs I use many time a day, every day I am on the computer is a great little utility called MailWasher Pro.

It’s currently in version 2012, and heck it is cheap to buy when you consider how much it protects you, reduces your work-load in sifting through emails to delete the junk and the knowledge that you are not downloading bad emails before your virus checker has to deal with them. That by the way – does not! mean that you should not have a good reliable Internet Security Suite installed and kept up to date.

One of the things it is really great at is previewing the emails before you actually download them on your computer, you can look at them quite comprehensively if you need to – and this is great for sniffing out pflishing emails and the like, and ones that pretend they come from your friends (but are really only using thier email address which has been stripped off someone else’s email or a website. What do you do when you see them – well the choice is yours, but I mark them as spam and delete them. As you do it you can build up a “Friends” list which aids in identifying which ones you can rely on without having to spend the time studying them so deeply.

Why not check out the firetrust website (they are the authors) of Mailwasher 2012. (my affiliate code is attached to the link so if you buy it I do receive a commission)

Firetrust have a great product  and they are confident you will like it, they have a free trial download, they even give a ’90 day money back guarantee’ and your $29.00 buys the program which can be installed on 3 computers – damn good value!

At Web South we would not be without it!

FireTrust who make MailWasher also run an affilicate Program so if you have a website and like the product (we hope you do too) you can sign up and run banners like we are here.

To find out more about the affiliate program click the image below (its free to join)


Peter Herriman, Web South.