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Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra ‘robot’

While trying to solve an access issue with 3G Data on Telstra network (more of an issue with distance from the tower and location of 3G device at this stage) I came across this little gem.

see comprehensive article online Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra ‘robot’

With Luke & I both into programming it is interesting to hear how technology and coding can be used. Fascinating! Still scratching my head as to how the beer fridge caused the interference – but lets face it – anything is possible.

Warning to change your eBay Password

If you have used eBay, chances are you probably have set up an account which would have included making a password to restrict access to your account.

Some three months ago eBay had a cyber attack and account information was accessed.

eBay is now recommending that it’s users change their password.

Can I recommend that you use a ‘strong’ password while you are doing so.

Read more in this Sophos ‘nakedsecurity’ article.

Warning on SCAM Domain Renewals

If you have a website – eg “”

(no matter what the extension .com .org .biz etc. ) please take note of this warning. Be it with Web South or someone else – Please be aware that there are a reasonable number of SCAMS around which try to fool you into changing your domain registration to them. I don’t want to point out any particular ones as it might actually boost their reach. The scams come several ways, one is by email – generally these are not all that sophisticated (so far).

Web South Hosting safe from Heartbleed Security Bug

Have you heard of the Heartbleed Security Bug yet?

Security researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, the cryptographic software library that protects many web sites on the internet. Here’s what that means for you, the average user. For those hosting on Web South – I have been assured that our servers are patched and are safe from this bug.

If not and want an explanation why not read this story on Lifehacker by Whitson Gordon. Its explained in simpler terms and has other links if you want to know more.

Codenomicon have a website dedicated to The Heartbleed Bug as well.

The suggestion we have is to be constantly vigilant for anything out of the ordinary on any website.

Beware a new lot of SCAM Emails

I am seeing lots of SCAM emails targeting most email addresses which have titles bearing reputable business names – pretending to do surveys, and anything else that can grab your attention. Please beware. as even going to the link in some of these emails will deliver you a nasty repair bill for rebuilding your software.

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Beware downloading TIFF images

Security Firm SOPHOS warns of a Microsoft vulnerability where a maliciously crafted TIFF image could lead to unauthorised downloads. view this YouTube 60 second news item which mentions it.

Apparently Windows is patched against this threat, so please make sure your computers are ‘patched’ (that they have the lates security patches).

Problem Updating Atahualpa 3.7.7 to 3.7.13

I am unsure what has caused the glitch but when updating the theme Atahualpa version 3.7.7 to the very latest one 3.7.13 I found that the header, menu and footer went missing. I found a hint on the wordpress support website

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Can you legally download YouTube videos?

We were asked about this today, and thought it was worth referring anyone interested in this question to an article by Marie Brewis of PC Advisor UK ‘Tech Advisor’ Section.

She starts out “Is it illegal to download YouTube video for personal use? Many people would answer that question by suggesting it’s something of a ‘grey’ area. Actually it’s pretty black and white.”

Thanks Marie!

Read more:

Windows 8.1 Release for 18th Oct 2013

Many of us are keen to see the release of Windows 8.1.

It will be the first major release since Windows 8 came along.

News is that the release will be the full version, not just an ‘upgrade-only’ release.

Great news too is that it will be a free upgrade to Windows 8 owners and will be available on Windows Update.

We wish Microsoft all the best for this new release.

NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin update may cause problems

The NextGEN Gallery WordPress plugin is maintained by Photocrati Media; a great plugin that we normally recommend has had a bug in one of the updates in the version 2 series. If your system is working, it might be best to hold off updating it until things are sorted out. Our web host advised that the database was found to be consuming an large amount of processor time, to the point of degrading overall system performance, and as a result they had placed a temporary block on the database.

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