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It’s ‘Safer Internet Day 2016’ today

eSafety health Check - infographic - Safer Internet Day 2016
eSafety health Check - infographic - Safer Internet Day 2016

Tuesday 9 February 2016 is Safer Internet Day.

Here in Australia the event is coordinated by the “Office of the Children’s” eSafety Commissioner.

There are online activities and one nice things is you can download a ‘Safer Internet Day eSafety health check’ flier with easy to follow ideas on how to cope with internet security

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Use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)

Web south are keen to keep thier customers and even acquaintances ‘SAFE’, and with that aim, have written up some info on using emails with multiple recipients, and using BCC to make things safer and better.

We hope you like this Web South FAQ. Why use Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) in emails?

BCC, stands for blind carbon copy.

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Windows 10 has arrived!

Windows 10 has arrived.

Microsoft are offering a FREE upgrade to their latest Windows 10 Operating System. What has been touted as the biggest software release worldwide – ever! Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Updates to Australia yesterday.

Luke had been evaluating the Beta Windows 10 for some time and was reasonably happy with it. Being cautious we have

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Free Windows 10 Upgrade for some

Windows 10 is coming on 29 July 2015.

WOW! Yes you read right, Microsoft are offering a FREE upgrade to their latest (yet to be released) Windows 10 Operating System.

Those who are eligible are Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8 (with 8.1 update) users who have registered their Windows version with Microsoft.

To get the FREE upgrade you need

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National Consumer Fraud Week 18 – 24 May 2015 – Get smarter with your data

As a computer service shop, we get to see quite a bit of what goes wrong with things when people don’t care or don’t understand about being safe with Online Security.

There are plenty of benefits for the individual and businesses to be online, in fact it’s pretty hard to not be online at all. There are also risks associated

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Back to Work and Virus Warning

Yep! we are back after a short break for Christmas & New Year!

Hope you had a great holiday season.

We are already busy with new websites, which should be released soon.


Be careful everyone, the baddies didn’t stop over Christmas, in fact they most definitely had a ball as everyone dived online to see if

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Facebook SPAM hits community

G’day, these are some rough notes which I hope will help anyone who suspects or has been hit by the Facebook RayBan Sunglasses SPAM / Virus

I am posting this in the hope it will help our community fight this problem which is affecting personal and group profiles on Facebook. It is not definitive and has no warranties!


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Dropbox passwords leaked

It has been reported from multiple sources over the last few hours that hackers have leaked hundreds of emails and passwords online after claiming to have stolen 7 million individual login credentials from popular cloud storage service Dropbox.

Here is a report from the Sydney Morning Herald ‘Digital Life’

All Dropbox customers

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