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Phone power change this Christmas

I hope that you all had a very lovely Christmas and you were able to get a bit of a break.

We had family visit, not on Christmas Day, but before and after, and that was a different sort of Christmas for us. Over the years we have raced between Eudunda and Gawler to enjoy catching up with our families and friends. We do enjoy doing it, but it was nice to ‘veg out’ for once.

Yesterday we had more rellies come for Dinner, in fact – they kindly bought most of it with them, how lovely is that!

What was of interest was the converstation. How it has changed over the years, and this year it was all about phones. Mobile phones to be exact.

Samsung Ativ s with iPhone 4s

It wasnt really any sort of ‘mine’s bigger, more powerful or has more features’, it was more about using them, and what was good or bad about them.

It suddenly dawned on Luke as to how many of them seemed to be Samsung. In fact – when he did a stocktake of the phones present,

In our house at one time (there was one of each model): Samsung Galaxy Pocket Samsung Galaxy Mini Samsung Galaxy Express Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Ativ S Apple iPhone 4 Nokia clamshell (no model #)

Now – that was quite surprising. Out of it we realized how Samsung has taken over the market, quietly, swiftly and convincingly (for our families at least).

I (Pete) am the one with the ‘Apple iPhone’, and although I was not keen on it to start with (it was my first smart phone) and it was much more expensive, I have grown to like it. Sturdy and easy to use (most of the time). We initially bought it so that Luke could develop and test Phone Apps for it.

The ‘Samsung Galaxy S4′ was similar in that it gave Luke an Android environment and Luke loves the phone. I don’t think he can fault it at all and it was great value for money.

The most recent purchase is the ‘Samsung Galaxy Ativ S’ was the same, chosen as a development platform and specifically for the with Windows 8 on it and for the great features and value it had. I am about to use this one, so I

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