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Web South Hosting safe from Heartbleed Security Bug

Have you heard of the Heartbleed Security Bug yet?

Security researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL, the cryptographic software library that protects many web sites on the internet. Here’s what that means for you, the average user. For those hosting on Web South – I have been assured that our servers are patched and are safe from this bug.

If not and want an explanation why not read this story on Lifehacker by Whitson Gordon. Its explained in simpler terms and has other links if you want to know more.

Codenomicon have a website dedicated to The Heartbleed Bug  as well.

The suggestion we have is to be constantly vigilant for anything out of the ordinary on any website.

Anlaby release new website

A great tourist icon for the region is Anlaby Homestead and they have some exciting news. Firstly they have released a new website with updated information and graphics, and as well – a fully secure online shop with brand new Anlaby Woolen product lines for you to choose from.

Click to check the new Anlaby website out:

All Policies reviewed and updated

We have reviewed and updated our various policies.

Please review them by clicking on the links in our footer.

If you have any queries please ask

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

Wow! Facebook is now 10 years old and over a billion users. I wonder if Mark Zuckerberg (Linkedin profile) had thought it would be so popular in his wildest dreams when he created the social media phenomenon called Facebook?

Like it – good or bad or a mix of both, it has certainly filtered into much of our lives. I personally am a bit shy of it, especially for the thought of sharing with the world, although I have embraced it mainly to promote our own business ‘Web South’ and also to promote the events we support, such as the Swann Insurance 24 Hour Trial. (in fact when I look at most of my friends on Facebook are associated with Motor Bikes – which is still one of the things I love).

This year we will be working harder at using Facebook in combination with the websites we develop to ‘get the mix right’ as it is becoming quite evident that a good business (or organisation) should be running a combination of both a website and social media. Yes! that’s right,  We have been working with other ‘Social Media’ as well and hope to share some of that experience with you this year too.


Congratulations Australia Day Winners

Winners Australia Day Breakfast Awards 2014

Web South congratulate the local Australia Day winners for the district.

Winners Australia Day Breakfast Awards 2014

In Eudunda we are proud to recognise young Ryan Harvalik as Eudunda’s Young Citizen of the Year

In Robertstown we are proud to recognise Sharon Tremaine as Robertstown’s Citizen of the Year 

This year there were less submissions, not because there were less deserved potential winners, its just that it would appear that no-one got around to submitting to the council any suggestions.

And of course – Web South’s Jenny Herriman also celebrates on the day with her Birthday Happy Birthday Jenny!

Ex Local Shane Diener doing well at Dakar 2014

Shane Diener

Shane Diener

Shane Diener along with fellow Australian’s Alan Roberts of Gawler and Troy O’Connor (NSW) ar doing well with Shane currently in 33rd (Stage 6).

Full Noise has an excellent intro story well worth reading, We have a short writeup on the website with other links.

Beware a new lot of SCAM Emails

I am seeing lots of SCAM emails targeting most email addresses which have titles bearing reputable business names – pretending to do surveys, and anything else that can grab your attention. Please beware. as even going to the link in some of these emails will deliver you a nasty repair bill for rebuilding your software.

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Beware downloading TIFF images

Security Firm SOPHOS warns of a Microsoft vulnerability where a maliciously crafted TIFF image could lead to unauthorised downloads. view this YouTube 60 second news item which mentions it.

Apparently Windows is patched against this threat, so please make sure your computers are ‘patched’ (that they have the lates security patches).

Phone power change this Christmas

I hope that you all had a very lovely Christmas and you were able to get a bit of a break.

We had family visit, not on Christmas Day, but before and after, and that was a different sort of Christmas for us. Over the years we have raced between Eudunda and Gawler to enjoy catching up with our families and friends. We do enjoy doing it, but it was nice to ‘veg out’ for once.

Yesterday we had more rellies come for Dinner, in fact – they kindly bought most of it with them, how lovely is that!

What was of interest was the converstation. How it has changed over the years, and this year it was all about phones. Mobile phones to be exact.

Samsung Ativ s with iPhone 4s

It wasnt really any sort of ‘mine’s bigger, more powerful or has more features’, it was more about using them, and what was good or bad about them.

It suddenly dawned on Luke as to how many of them seemed to be Samsung. In fact – when he did a stocktake of the phones present,

In our house at one time (there was one of each model): Samsung Galaxy Pocket Samsung Galaxy Mini Samsung Galaxy Express Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy Ativ S Apple iPhone 4 Nokia clamshell (no model #)

Now – that was quite surprising. Out of it we realized how Samsung has taken over the market, quietly, swiftly and convincingly (for our families at least).

I (Pete) am the one with the ‘Apple iPhone’, and although I was not keen on it to start with (it was my first smart phone) and it was much more expensive, I have grown to like it. Sturdy and easy to use (most of the time). We initially bought it so that Luke could develop and test Phone Apps for it.

The ‘Samsung Galaxy S4′ was similar in that it gave Luke an Android environment and Luke loves the phone. I don’t think he can fault it at all and it was great value for money.

The most recent purchase is the ‘Samsung Galaxy Ativ S’ was the same, chosen as a development platform and specifically for the with Windows 8 on it and for the great features and value it had. I am about to use this one, so I imagine there

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suicidepreventionads the latest website

Suicide Prevention Ads

Farmer, Poet and Preventative Community Health activist - Tim Barritt is the author of a large series of advertisements trying to make people aware that they can help prevent suicide.

Check out his adverts at this website: