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Web South have been using Windows 8 & 8.1 for some time. If you buy a computer with Windows 8.1 on it we can help with training

  • Updated Client Links 03/11/2014
    Wow! Thank you to all those who use us to host your website and also to those who have used our services to design your website. We have updated the list. Check it out now!
  • Facebook SPAM hits community – part 2 15/10/2014
    This page is the continuation on how to try clean up the SPAM/Virus Click to read introductory post about the problem CLEAN UP TIME: CHANGE PASSWORD – I have been advising people to change their password to strong one (no words – but use upper/lower/numbers – at least Ten (10) characters – hard part is to remember it – so write it down). LOG ...
  • Facebook SPAM hits community 15/10/2014
    G’day, these are some rough notes which I hope will help anyone who suspects or has been hit by the Facebook RayBan Sunglasses SPAM / Virus  I am posting this in the hope it will help our community fight this problem which is affecting personal and group profiles on Facebook. It is not definitive and has no warranties! Your page (and ANY ...
  • Dropbox passwords leaked 15/10/2014
    It has been reported from multiple sources over the last few hours that hackers have leaked hundreds of emails and passwords online after claiming to have stolen 7 million individual login credentials from popular cloud storage service Dropbox. Here is a report from the Sydney Morning Herald ‘Digital Life’ All Dropbox customers are advised to change their passwords and switch on two-factor authentication.
  • Eudunda News Facebook page 09/10/2014
    Well, I got frustrated one too many times the other day, I had Local News coming out of my ears and no place to publish them quickly that a good majority of people would get to see. So I finally used the EudundaNews Facebook page I had started but never had time to use. To my absolute amazement it had 160 likes within ...
  • Eudunda Show 2014 Updates available 09/10/2014
    Web South are always pleased to tell you that the Eudunda Show website for 2014 has been updated with lots of new info. The show is only 1 month away today, the Committee have plans well sorted out to be another great show. Click to check the new Eudunda Show 2014 website out here:
  • Web South Hosting safe from ‘Shellshock’ threat 30/09/2014
    Just letting all Web South hosted customers know that the web host has confirmed that all accounts have been patched and are safe from the very serious ‘Shellshock’ threat. Shellshock is the media-friendly name for a security bug found in Bash, a command shell program commonly used on Linux and UNIX systems. The bug is what’s known as a Remote Code Execution ...
  • Lavender Trail Opens at Eudunda 28th Sept 2014 27/09/2014
    I have had the privilege of being asked to coordinate the opening of the Lavender Federation Trail when SARTI Open the Truro to Eudunda Section on Sunday 28th September 2014. It is on Tomorrow now! ALL WELCOME to this great day. Check out the website for the latest info at Hope to see you there!
  • Sweet 16 – Happy Birthday Google 27/09/2014
    Today is the 16th Birthday for Google. Google hardly need any introduction, as just about every sphere of the Internet has been touched or influenced by Google in these last 16 years. To quote Wikipedia: “Google is an American multinational corporation specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of its profits are from AdWords.” Surprisingly ...
  • Go the Southern Saints for 2014!!!! 20/09/2014
    Web South – Peter, Jenny, Luke & Toby wish the players in the Southern Saints Under 14’s and A Grade teams all the best as they play in the Footy Finals at Clare today. Go the Saints!!!!
  • Fantastico De Luxe being retired 18/08/2014
    The once well used Fantastico De Luxe is being retired from cPanel on our servers. I had been aware for quite some time that this software was not being updated as well as its rival ‘Quickinstall’. Please feel comfortable in knowing that Quickinstall is a very capable program. We have been using it for a long time. It has finally happened with admin phasing ...
  • WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release 13/08/2014
    There is an update for WordPress – version 3.9.2 which is a security release for all previous versions. Most Web South Hosted customers can upgrade with no issues. If unsure – please ask us. The article on WordPress website about the latest update  Comments: Most of our customers have comments disabled (apparently one of the ways the exploit can occur). There are other issues fixed ...
  • Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra ‘robot’ 13/08/2014
    While trying to solve an access issue with 3G Data on Telstra network (more of an issue with distance from the tower and location of 3G device at this stage) I came across this little gem. see comprehensive article online Rogue beer fridge caught by Telstra ‘robot’ With Luke & I both into programming it is interesting to hear how technology and coding can ...
  • Eudunda Show 2014 new website 12/08/2014
    Web South are always pleased to launch the new Eudunda Show website for 2014. It’s still early days for the show, but the Committee already have a fair bit of the planning sorted out. Click to check the new Eudunda Show 2014 website out here:
  • Eudunda Hotel Motel new website 10/08/2014
    Web South are always pleased to help local businesses to advertise on the internet, and we are very happy to let you know that the Eudunda Hotel Motel “The Top Pub”  is the latest to do so. Congratulations to Kieran & Lyn. It is great to see that they are straight into keeping their website updated with the latest Specials of ...